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Girl Games Paradise > Dress Up

A Date on a Hill

First date! What can be more romantic?! It was a fantastic evening for Kevin ...

(Played: 863)

Adriana Pop

Do you think you could come up with some really extravagant, daring runway fa...

(Played: 1 514)

Alien TD

Check out this fun defense game and you will certainly help the forest by kee...

(Played: 1 440)

Amanda Goes To School

Our little girl Amanda is always excited when she goes to school. She got man...

(Played: 866)

Amazing Wedding Dress Up

Dress this bride up for a fabulous wedding she is about to have.

(Played: 774)

Angel Cat Dress Up

The Game Description Because even kitties like to put life on “paws” to creat...

(Played: 993)

Angel Cutie Maker

This angel girl has her head in the clouds. She sure could use your fashion t...

(Played: 777)

Angel Defense

The Game Description The monsters are on the march—only you can stop them. Ho...

(Played: 875)

Animal Lover

Play Animal Lover Dress Up Game

(Played: 852)

Animal Style Dress Up

Chelsea loves to cosplay in different animal inspired outfits. She makes all ...

(Played: 782)

Anime Witch Dress Up

Harper is an adorable witch who can cast spells using her enchanted wand and ...

(Played: 787)


Design your own aquarium with lots of gravel, decorations, plants, and of cou...

(Played: 1 472)


Askua is extremely skilled with a bow and arrow. Click the targets on the lef...

(Played: 964)

Baby Penguin Dress Up

The Game Description This cool cutie needs a whole new look. Maybe you could ...

(Played: 839)

Backpack and Notebook Design

It's back to school time!

(Played: 1 191)

Bandage Party

Play Bandage Party Dress Up Game

(Played: 1 468)

Barbara Magic Fairy

Mouse to play.

(Played: 1 496)

Barbie goes Surfing

Barbie goes surfing

(Played: 1 289)

Barbie on a Date

Help Barbie pick a gorgeous look and don't forget about her special collectio...

(Played: 1 012)

Beach Break Dress Up

It is a beautiful summer day, so Kelly is getting ready to go on the beach an...

(Played: 1 464)

Beach Party

Play Beach Party Dress Up Game

(Played: 1 317)

Beach Surfer Dressup

Dress up this little surfer. Catch the big wave and do some tricks!

(Played: 736)

Bear Dress up

Here is one cute baby bear who is just getting ready to go in the Forrest and...

(Played: 1 280)

Beautiful Fairy

The Game Description Wings? Check. Make-up? Check. Fashion? Uh oh. How to Pla...

(Played: 858)

Beautiful Like a Rainbow 2

The Game Description Welcome to the place where color is your best friend. Ho...

(Played: 705)

Beautiful Like a Rainbow 3

The Game Description It’s time for another batch of multicolored fun, fabulou...

(Played: 726)

Beautiful Nurse Dress Up

Play the game, dress up the nurse and show the result.

(Played: 756)

Belly Beauty

Play Belly Beauty Dress Up Game

(Played: 793)

Birthday Party

Nia was really cute little witch. The party was full of muggles, wizards, whi...

(Played: 863)

Blazer Fashion

Play Blazer Fashion Dress Up Gamern

(Played: 751)

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