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  5. Vacation Holiday Dress Up (2 634 times)
  6. Kitty Cake Quiz (2 656 times)
  7. Decorate My Fishbowl (2 651 times)
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Small Strawberry Tarts

New game Small Strawberry Tarts from 1cookinggames

(Played: 179)

Sniper Team

The Game Description When the going gets tough, there is only one team to joi...

(Played: 325)

Snoring 2: Winter Edition

The Game Description Who can sleep with that elephant snoring?! Somebody make...

(Played: 181)

Snow Angels

It is so much fun to play in the snow when you are in love, especially when y...

(Played: 365)

Snow Puffs

With a cute chic doggy winter outfit, the cutest puppy accessories and a new...

(Played: 288)

Snow Queen 2

Save the elves from the Snow Queen by playing this Bejeweled match 3 game (de...

(Played: 690)

Sparkling Pegasus

The Game Description Take to the clouds and let your spirit soar on the wings...

(Played: 253)

Sparkling Stars

The Game Description Your success is written in the stars…you just have...

(Played: 280)

Spicy Lentil Rissoles

The today's recipe is just right for you. It is healthy because it is a veget...

(Played: 631)

Sporty and Pretty

Nia's finally come back from her granny. Sporty and pretty friends are togeth...

(Played: 261)

Spring Friends

The Game Description These four teens don’t need a reason to look great for t...

(Played: 225)

Start of Summer

The Game Description It’s not a beach—it’s a catwalk…so choose your outfit ca...

(Played: 884)

Steam Punk Style

Steampunk fashion for girls is a fun style of retro and cool.

(Played: 274)

Stickman Downhill

The Game Description The world’s favorite daredevil stickman goes downhill! H...

(Played: 273)

Style Wise

Game Submission by - Style Wise

(Played: 197)

Subway Surfer

Get ready for some Subway Surfing fun! Dress up your character for the ride o...

(Played: 240)

Sugared Jelly Candies

We have arranged all the ingredients and tools necessary for cooking now all ...

(Played: 200)

Summer Friends

The Game Description Looking fabulous? Time to hit the beach! How to Play

(Played: 952)

Sun Bath Kissing

Hot couple is out on a beach for a sun bath on a Sunday morning and they want...

(Played: 883)

Super Mud Mania

The Game Description What’s even crazier than Mud Mania? SUPER Mud Mania! Dri...

(Played: 224)

Super Sandwich Shop

Here is a game where children could manage a sandwich shop, make sandwiches a...

(Played: 233)

Sweet Flirting

You can always find cute and interesting guys at the ski resort and that’s wh...

(Played: 370)

Thanksgiving Doll

This sweetie's decided: she'll show up, at that special traditional family di...

(Played: 314)

The Pizza Restaurant

Toni\'s pizzeria is right downtown. He is known for his specialties and lots ...

(Played: 237)

Theme Park

All girls love secrets and adore chattering)) Finally Emily decides to tell A...

(Played: 283)

Thumbprint Jammies

How about cooking a favorite snack that's simply been loved by everyone, yes ...

(Played: 202)


The Game Description Join Bob and Jerry as they head off to cash in the lotte...

(Played: 218)

Tire Stack

Come and play this tire stack game! The higher you make the tire, the more sc...

(Played: 341)

Touring in Rome

The Game Description When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do…and that&...

(Played: 306)

TV Host

3...2...1... my oh my, the red light is about to turn on, the TV show is abou...

(Played: 358)

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